In the Classroom: Drama Games

We’ve already discussed the advantages of role-play and conversation games in your ESL classroom, but there are a number of other games you can use in your classroom that allow students to use language in more spontaneous and authentic ways. Larry Ferlazzo discusses his use of improv in his ESL classroom here.  He talks about […]

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In the Classroom: Conversation

Having students talk to one another is a key part of many language lessons.  However, activities that focus solely on conversation, without necessarily focusing on a particular language objective, can also be beneficial for your students.  When they are allowed to speak freely to one another in English without fear of being evaluated. This Edutopia […]

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In the Classroom: Board Games

Board games are a great ready-to-use resource for fostering authentic language use in the classroom.  A simple trip to the thrift store can yield a number of such games that can be used to create unique opportunities for language use.  They engage students on multiple levels of interaction.  According to some research: ‘Games also help […]

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In the Classroom: Videos

Video-Based Classroom Activities As I mentioned in the “Curriculum Integration” post, video can be a quick and easy way to present authentic language in your classroom.  Videos are accessible in most classrooms, and they can be used to enhance all manner of lessons.  They can be used as an energetic introduction to a larger topic, […]

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